Introducing LP Kelly’s Love Songs For Loners!

I’m super excited to announce the new 10-song LP Kelly record, Love Songs For Loners. Over a year in the making, this record contains ten new original songs, and I’m confident in saying that it’s the best songwriting I’ve ever done. The recording, mixing and mastering are finished, and all that’s left to do is manufacture some CDs and LP records and get this thing out into the world where y’all can hear it. And for that, I’m asking for your help.

Most of you know me from the Southwest Virginia music scene. I’ve been a part of organizing the Blacksburg Square Dance for years. I’ve helped run old-time jams, taught flatfooting workshops, and hosted a bunch of shows in the last couple of years out of the Panorama Ballroom. It guts me not to be able to keep bringing live music and dance to my local community. But I’d like to bring you this record instead.

Every other album I’ve ever put out, I’ve self-funded by playing shows. A lot of shows. I’ve always been doggedly DIY – done my own recording, my own mastering, my own design and promotion and, well, everything. Thanks to the pandemic, the shows have all dried up, and so I find myself with a really fine finished record on my hands, all dressed up with nowhere to go. Help me get this thing printed and out the door!